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When I’m In It

Inspired by Top Boy and The Brothers Sun, the ingredients in this sonic stew are a little unusual, but blend perfectly…We’ve got classical piano melodies colliding head-on with Drum and Bass beats – it’s like Mozart meets Matrix. Add a dub bass heavy enough to give the Stay Puft Man a run for his money, and some UK HipHop vocals that hit harder than a punchline from Deadpool, and you’ve got a recipe for some seriously grimy mayhem.

Nicky Roland - When I'm In It

I Lose Myself – Paradise Mix

The original “I Lose Myself” made waves on DJ International Records’ Jackmaster 7 compilation album, now a rare gem no longer in circulation. The “Paradise Mix” elevates the track, stripping back the instrumentation, introducing new vocals, and infusing a touch of Reggaeton. The result is a Latin House anthem with seriously catchy and danceable carnival vibes, set to leave an indelible mark on the global electronic dance music scene.

I Lose Myself - Paradise Mix

I Can Do That feat. Royden Vigilance

“I Can Do That” epitomizes the creative synergy between Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance. This awe-inspiring track seamlessly blends Chicago House, Deep House, and Soulful House elements, accentuated by Royden’s emotive vocals, a pulsating kick-driven beat, evocative classical violins, enchanting melodies, and soul-stirring guitars.

I Can Do That feat. Royden Vigilance

Carried Away feat. Royden Vigilance

Carried Away boasts heart-pounding beats, spine-tingling synths, and hypnotic basslines that beckon listeners to lose themselves in the electrifying rhythms. Fusing Nicky Roland’s unrivaled House music finesse with Royden Vigilance’s signature style, the song transports audiences on an adrenaline-fueled journey they never knew they craved.

Carried Away feat. Roydan Vigilance


Get down a boogie, the funk is here! What would a FunkBox be to the king of musical double-entendres, Bootsy Collins? Heavily influenced by Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and Midnight Star’s Freakazoid, FunkBox fuses P-Funk, House and NuDisco to create another groovy summer banger.

FunkBox Cover Art

Feel It!

Summer is here and Feel It packs a warm fuzzy Nu Disco summer vibe like nothing else. Soulful vocals, Daft Punk like synths, funky bass and jazzy horns. This is you new go-to for pool parties and warm summer nights.

Feel It Cover

Reach the Center

Frenetic, high-energy and crazy fun, Reach the Center embodies current society in a Hard House/Hip-House banger made for extreme booty shaking. 

Reach The Center Cover

All Your Lies

Blending classic Chicago Jackin’ House with elements of Progressive House and European Rave, All Your Lies is jazzy and soulful with a banging prime time edge.

All Your Lies

Tower of Babel

Alien scavengers detect signs of life on a post-apocalyptic world. They discover a young robot, whose communications systems have been damaged and bring him back online. Phat Freestyle and Electro beats mix with a House groove, creating a unique bass-heavy blend of goodness. 

Tower of Babel Cover

Chopin’s Nightmare

Big driving techno sound, grinding bass, and angelic harmonies with a classical twist. Quirky, whistful, and experimental with a fat driving techno beat.

Pre-save/order on all major streaming and download platforms now!

Chopin's Nightmare

Out of Circulation

Jackmaster 7

The long-awaited Jackmaster 7 is out now, featuring I Lose Myself as one of the core focus tracks, alongside hits from house music legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Sterling Void, Chip-E, Chuck Roberts, K’Alexi Shelby, Loleatta Halloway, and many more…

The Jackmaster 7

I Lose Myself

I Lose Myself is a Latin House/Samba medley guaranteed to get dance floors pumpin’. I Lose Myself’s fat keys, percussive beats and rolling horns make this a true dance floor shaker.

1: I Lose Myself – Soul Man Mix
2: I Lose Myself – Jazz mix 
3: I Lose Myself – Drums Mix
4: Across The Border

Out now, exclusively on Traxsource.

One Step Closer EP

The One Step Closer EP blends House, Reggae, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and Trap to create a truly unique dance floor sound with the cocktail vibes of House, mixed with the grinding dancehall and DnB roots this collection owes its genesis to.

1: One Step Closer (House+Reggae+DnB)
2: One Step Closer – Jump Up Mix (D+B)
3: Bring Your Booty (House+Reggae)
4: We Dem Follow (Trap+Dub)

One Step Closer

Broken Promises

Out now on all major streaming and download platforms. 

Fat funky bass, Latin vocals, and deep emotive keys. Broken Promises is a classic Chicago House banger.

Out Now!

Broken Promises

This is Nicky Roland

All of Nicky’s music in one playlist

The Loop

Deep, Classic, Chicago and Soulful House

The Drum – The Bass

Jungle, Drum and Bass, Rave and Breakbeat

The Underground

Tech House, Bass House, Micro House and related styles of music

House Music Is Love

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About Nicky Roland

Nicky Roland grew up in London, later moving to Los Angeles and eventually Denver. In London Nicky worked with the legendary underground party group Coalesce Sound & Vision, organizing what The Face and ID magazines labeled as some of the best house nights in the UK. Nicky is also the founder and chief blogger of MPLYR, a music blog and newsletter focused exclusively on dance music.